Monday, October 27, 2008

Reel Alternatives Blog up and running!

Welcome Movie Goers to the Reel Alternatives Blog!!

We are really excited about this blog. Our goal is to bring you information and discussion about past, present and future movies to be shown by Reel Alternatives.

We hope you enjoyed THE VISITOR that showed in October. I hear it was a good movie (I missed it at the theatre). Thanks for supporting Reel Alternatives!

Coming up on November 17, 2008 is MONGOL (7:00pm Grand Reo Theatre).
Visit our website for all the movie details: 
I think that MONGOL will be a pretty spectacular movie to watch on the big screen. The scenery is supposed to be fantastic. The movie will have some violence in it (what would you expect from a movie about Genghis Khan?) but it is also a love story, so is sure to please everyone.

See you on Nov 17 at the Grand Reo. Until the next post - sign up to receive notices of our blog postings.

Cheers - Reel Alternatives Blogger


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